Stabilizer Matsuyama AVR 5 GS-SKD
Stabilizer Matsuyama AVR 5 GS-SKD
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13 Mar 2020
1 Unit
IDR 6.228.000

Specification of

Stabilizer or AVR / Automatic Voltage Regulator plays a role in maintaining the electric current voltage in electrical installations remains normal or stable, unstable electricity flow due to sudden resistance when passing through a kettle, can cause changes in voltage or voltage that is not stable.


1. Air Conditioner (AC) works well, AC compressor is not noisy and non-flammable.

2. The computer works normally, so that office activities are not hampered.

3. Electric telecommunications central is not interrupted so that communication becomes smooth.

4. TV picture to be perfect.

5. Microwave, Oven, Washing Machine, Sound System, TV and Refrigerator can operate normally.

6. The working efficiency of industrial machinery is maintained so that the quantity of production can be met. Machines with high sensitivity to changes in voltage can still be used.

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